About us

My name is Joanne Mooney and I studied Fine Art in New Jersey, U.S.A. I love painting and creating and get great satisfaction from painting pictures for children. I am so happy to have the opportunity I have been given to create and share my love for art with others!

I started painting for my two daughters (almost ten years ago). I loved the idea of personalising the pictures. I then began painting for family and friends. By word of mouth the orders were coming in fast. So that's when I saw the opportunity to turn my love for art as a hobby into a business and Tiny Things was born! I work from my home in North Co.Dublin.

All of my work is handpainted using acrylic paints on stretched canvas or wooden plaques. Each personalised painting is unique and customised to your specifications. These handmade pieces of artwork are an excellent choice for baby gifts, birthday presents or as uniques decorations for your home. All work made in Ireland.

Joanne Mooney - Tiny Things

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